Who we are

From 1998 to present


Gambasafety s.r.l. was founded in 1998 as a "certification body" for the machinery and lift directive, allowing us to develop in the lifting sector.


In 2003 we consolidated a technical-working relationship with Apave Italia CPM, still in force, regarding the certifications of the products that our company began building in 2009. We are passionate about fall arrest systems and everything related to workplace safety.


In 2009, “Gairon” was born, our one-of-a-kind rope, which boasts 4 international patents, allowing us to specialize in lifeline systems. We also begin to carry out installations and periodic checks.


In 2010 we signed an agreement with the University of Pisa and with the LETOMEC SPIN-OFF, which allowed us to carry out numerous trials and tests of our products within the laboratories of the mechanical engineering faculty.


In 2015, still not happy, Whipblock was born. Designed to protect operators from bursting high pressure hoses.


From 1998 to today Gamba Safety has always tried to range across all fields of safety for work activities, producing and studying new products capable of improving them. Producing has always been part of the history of our company since the early 1900s. What distinguishes us is the passion that has allowed us to offer high quality products, with 100% Made in Italy materials and applying the experience and technology acquired over the decades.


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