SKIWHI is the PPE* that reinvents the transport of sports equipment, spectacular from every point of view:
SKIWHI helps you transport your sports equipment in a simple, comfortable and functional way.
It is composed of a steel core covered by two layers of polyester, this composition makes it indestructible and resistant to any weather condition.
 Why use it?
Do you know when you are queuing at the ski resorts and your skis suddenly open up, creating an uncomfortable situation for everyone?

With SKIWHIis not possible, your hands will be free, as the skis can be carried comfortably like a backpack. In fact, it is possible to fold the cord on itself and store it in our pockets.

Furthermore, it allows you to reduce multiple risks such as incorrect posture, especially in the little ones.

SKIWHI is also useful at the end of skiing, once you return home, you can hang up your sports equipment, optimizing space.

 *P.D.I. (Personal Protective Equipment) REGULATION (EU) 2016/425 Category I a) superficial mechanical injuries


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